Saturday, July 25, 2009

Waiting but not to exhale

Here is the pancake mix we use to make pancakes. We decided after a stressful week it was time to have something yummy for breakfast. Plus, no one was going to be charging through our doors to help unpack or give orders on how to unpack. Here are the blueberries that we got for $1.00 a pint on sale at fresh and easy but priced matched it at Wal-mart to get more bang for my buck.
Here is the pancake mixed up and blueberries added to make a yummy breakfast treat. The girls could not wait for me to finish cooking. They kept asking when all the pancakes would be done. Well, it took an entire hour between mixing and cooking to have delicious pancakes for breakfast.

Here are our finished pancakes that we ate happily and contently around 9:30 or 10 am. Heheee, we had some much fun enjoy our tranquil first breakfast together.

Today we are waiting on the cable people to arrive. They are suppose "drop" a line from the attic into our formal living area (previously photographed and posted on this blog). To which they have 55 minutes remaining to get their tails here and do their stuff or else they won't show up at all. We thought we heard a knock earlier. We made a mad dash toward the door. No one their. A cruel trick played by our oldest. Needless, to say the child got a talking to from the child's father.
Today more "mountains" of laundry because we have gone through all the "bags" of stored winter clothes. Not to mention moving some boxes around in the master closet to make room for the remaining scrapbook items. My DH really wants me to sell a lot of it. I don't want to until I finish their traditional scrapbooks from a few years ago.

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