Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yummy huh? Love them. You probably can find them in your local grocery store bakery today. I found them yesterday while picking up last minute items before our bunkering down for the fourth of July. Dh and I tend to stay in on holidays. He is an ex-paramedic, and I worked on a trauma unit for almost year. We know from personal experience what happens over holidays. So, its normally movies, video games, reading, and chilling out.

This the second year in a row, that we have not had the big southern barbeque with family, or inner subdivision parade with firetrucks and wagons decorated to celebrate our country. Frankily, we are sorta enjoying.

Though my frustration with my kids are about to just to becoming deafing. Here's the deal their grandmother bought all the girl grandchildren fourth july fancy dancy pony tail holders from target to wear on the 4th of July. They refused to wear them ever. Grant it, its only a $1.00, however, I have declared war. I went through their closets, made them get rid of anything too big or too small to wear. Needless to say, it will be a whole lot less to move, and easier for them to pick out something to wear.

I just wish that their grandmother would realize that these have WAY TO MUCH STUFF. We need a clean sweep with this move and she better not get in my way or my kids way of doing this. They even feel its time to give back to the community.

what was the song on the radio..I think out of eden has it "let go, let go". I might be wrong.

Its great when even the kids feel the same way that you do. House together will stand strong!

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angelica jackson said...

man, those look yummy. having a family picnic at my brother's, then over to my other brother's for fireworks in the park. (he lives right outside the entrance!)
we all live in the same neighborhood, so we can walk and not have to drive with all the nut jobs.

it feels good to clean out. enjoy the process, and do your clean sweep! if she doesn't like it, that is her problem.