Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday..the after shock..

hasn't hit yet. I know its coming from my husband, however, I just will listen to it.

Today we picked up the van. Today was the day my husband came to a realization that we should have replaced the van before we bought a house when we first told him about it. Now, if I only knew a good mechanic that needed a fixer up. Then at christmas time he could buy my vechile. Then my DH could buy me another one. My oldest said, "Why don't we ask Santa for a new vechile. Instead of looking under the tree we could go outside and find the present." Now, if Santa could deliver a new vechile this would be great. New as in a better used vechile than this one. I can't complain. This 2001 vechile has been to Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and now to the desert state we live in. This vechile has be 4 x 4ing when it should not have and sufferred. This vechile has had multiple motion sickness incidents and doesn't seem like a hospital biohazard gone wrong. My kids have grown from babies to children with this van. I can't complain it is a good vechile. It just needs someone that can give better loving care to the mechical side than we can. If Santa is real and reads blogs, I would like a truck, suv, or jeep that fits seven people comfortably. I'd like mircofiber seat covers, because kids will be kids making messes with trying. I'd like a cd player or a way to hook up the cell phone /ipod to listen to music, a built in tv with an ability to hook up a movie for trips longer than 3o minutes, and over all runs better than my current vechile with extremely good gas mileage. With that said, I will probably be getting another mini van. Oh Santa BAby, a Honda Oddessy would be nice with folding seats, and hidded cargo departments for long trips or just running to grocery store.

Today more sorting through bags of clothes that my kids probably won't or can't wear even though my inlaws insteaded we save, and move them twice. I know depressing!!!

To my reader named, Erica. Thank you, so, much! Your comments made me feel so much better. I thought I might be losing my mind to feel the way I do. Hugs back at you. I hope that your situation will come around a little. I know the frustration of being sick and people ignoring that fact or refusing to allow you to rest any. Hugs again..feel free to contact me any time for encouragement.

Oh, I found the perfect job at my kids school. Its two hours a day and I get to spy on them to make sure they are minding. I am waiting for a reply back from the hiring agent for it.

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