Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday ...catchup..penguin time

Okay today is some what of a catch up day with me. I have to more loads of laundry. I have matress company coming to bring new matresses and box springs for all. Our treat to our selfs instead of hardwood floors.

Not to mention dealing with a DH that is totally stressed out by family isse (his mom specifically and our kids behavior because they say Nana let's get away with it), job a yearly review, money (moving is expensive not matter how long you save to do it), and with himself about not dealing with stress better.

I love my DH. He needs to learn to let go and let God deal with it. We control nothing but our actions and our words.

Do like my penguins below? My DH loves penguins. If we had not already had a theme via color in our bathroom. We would probably have this as our moto. Not joke. Its kinda cute. My own personal penguins from Madagascar..


SmartandSassy said...

Very cute, makes me smile right through to the inside. Gotta love a good penguin. Saw them at the aquarium last week. They just chill all day... no worries!

Katherine (Aussiekat) said...

I LOVE PENGUINS! Gotta have the one with the flippers, goggles, and swim ring - just too cute.