Friday, July 31, 2009

Stormy Sunsets, life lessons...

Here is a sunset with a monosoon building. Pretty uh? Also dangerous because if you live on the side of the mountain lighting strikes.

Okay yesterday was quit interesting.

We really did nothing other than check the mail, get our permanment cards for the country club pool/fitness center.

So, my Dh and forgotten to remind that we had someone stopping by. Thank goodness we were all dresses appropiately in covering clothing. The guy was really good. He got our chairs cleaned perfectly. Seriously, our cloth bottom chairs looked like a whale had vomitted and diaherria on them. He also gave me the low down on the new school. I am getting really excited about enrolling the kids there. I am getting excited about the prospect of working for this school as well. If they actually look at my email and reply Monday.

OKay during our mini errand running incident. I got flirted with by someone who wasn't my husband. It was nice to be noticed. It was nice that I got compliments. The lesson I learned from this incident I will share momentarily. All I have to say, is it felt like I was on cloud 9. Expect the reality of the situation is this. Most people who will flirt with another only see the physical they don't realize that there is more to a person on the inside. Just because the person looks good in an outfit it doesn't mean they don't defects physical or emotional defects. Mine..are horrible stretch marks running up and down my body from child birth and juvillen growth syndrome. If plastic surgery could fix it them, I would have already asked Santa for a gift certificate for the proceedure. I also have a horrible scar on my belly from life saving surgery when my actual instenal track collapsed from adhesions from a surgery six weeks earlier. I almost died. No matter how many sit ups I do I will never have a 6-12 pack abs again. Though, I am open to any personal trainer that is willing to work with me for free to maybe get rid of my love handles. Yes, I have those too. I just hide them well. So, please don't get jealous because I look great. Reality, I am just a shell damaged by the sea of life. There is no fountain of youth. I have looked honestly.

***Note to all married couples or anyone in a relationship the advice I give from experience not to be wasting my breathe by saying I lived when I haven't. I have. I will have to face my maker to deal with my good and bad sides. So pay attention and take notes yourself. Keep from making the same mistakes as I have in the past***

Always remember your partner needs to feel loved, liked, and admired. They need to feel needed respected and sexy. Yes, they need to feel sexy even if they are overweight, underweight, or just plain average. Tell them they look good, goose them occassionally, tell them they look smokin hot, or their curves make your day. Tell them when they act attractive like being responsible with money or backing you up during discipline. Tell them. Show them. They need the encouragement. They crave the attention. What you get in return will make your day. Kiss them opennly in front of your children. So, your children will see positive and approciate affection. This gives the feeling of satification for both parties.

Try not to nag or discuss anything with the other while they are at work or doing something. Timing is important.

couples with small children remember this is one of the most stressful periods in your life. This too shall pass and you will have "your time" together again. Those quickie moments may be the life saving moment you need to make it through your day or night with the stress of life. Enjoy it no matter how long or short it may be.

Enough from my soap box, I just had to share those thoughts before my brain turned to mush again.

Have a great weekend.


Lynn said...

have a great weekend and great advice. i have been just assuming but its great to say stuff out loud.

mean mom productions said...

Welcome Lynn! Well, I have come into a new time in my life, a better understanding of a relationship, and learn a lot from experiences. I don't want to live my life for of regets.

I have even indoor skydived. Trust me if that's not facing fear. I don't know what is.

Claude said...