Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Torchwood the finale

sniff, sniff Jack is gone...the quiet spoken Yentle...killed by the aliens toxic gas...loud blowing of nose..Gwen looks awesome pregnant. Gee, I wish I looked that glowing pregnant of course she had a little help from wardobe and make up department.

BBC America...do some more please. Now, I am going to have to go get the book series to see how it really ends. This can't be the end of jack and torchwood. I have a feeling that they will be back. They always do. This time though, I think it will have Gwen, Lousie, and the other lady in charge of it.

Okay, so I took the quiz on the website..I am a Gwen character through and through.

I do love the way they used the contact lens to get rid of the bad government heads in the end. I think it shows that women have a better common sense in running things.

To show the reality of making the sacrifice, that jack had to make to save the children of the world. It was a great humanitarian twist but a devasting one at that.

One of my ultimate dreams would be to star in the torchwood eposide. I love how the writers have the characters interact with each other.

This was the best escape from the reality of everyday life for me.

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