Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 9 Moving Countdown

My lastest layout.Its fliped flopped..the 2nd page is on top and the first page is on the bottom.

Good day to everyone! I got alot done yesterday. I even had a mini date night with my DH before we get so busy with moving and surgery with our youngest. It was nice.

We watched the movie push. It was strange. He thought I picked out straight things to watch but he felt bad that this is really strange. It did have some truth to it from history. Its a little scary to think what we humans do to each on purpose.

Okay today is suppose to be a day of classes and such but the youngest is still asleep. Considering the tummy problems, the child has..I'm not waking the child for anything!

To do list:
Take out the bags of trash I gathered yesterday
finish packing up the masterbedroom closet
clean bathrooms again
clean kitchen
scan workbook again
take movies back today
go to the library return items
dinner tuna fish sandwhiches

Have a great day!

Ps We got a call from our realtor yesterday. the other realtor took the lock box with our keys to the house in it after closing. Now, we have no way to get into our house until the two realtors get together to exchange keys and remotes for the garage. What was the other agent thinking?

side note**after Friday July 17th, 2009 I may not have computer access until a new computer comes. so, don't fret I will find a way to keep you readers update on what is happening.

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