Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday revived after a

goodnight's sleep. Seriously, getting a new matress might just save your body and marriage. We went through a store called sleep america. We did not go with a name brand believe it or not. We went with a less name because we felt more comfortable on the demo bed than any one matress in the store. We were excited! Here's some pictures..definitely invest in the matress covers through this company because they will replace the mattress for free if their protectors don't work.

Above is the kids stuff with their matress covers on it. They slept through the night in their beds. No middle of the night, feeling a little body crawling over DH and I to snuggle back to sleep.Below is our matress, I have to say. I'm loving it.

The delivery guys were wonderful. Their english skills weren't great but they let me check each matress and box spring to make sure the numbers matched up. They were quick, and they took away the old matresses for us as well. We got a proof showing we made a donation.
So, far we are very pleased with the service we received.

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