Sunday, July 19, 2009

Adventures in Furtinure Shopping

After throwing the old matresses on the floor in each of the kids room until we get real "furniture" in there. We have been on a massive hunt for furniture for their room.Ten different stores. Only one had actual real wood furniture that was actual descent and we all liked it. The only thing that is the matter is that the salesman that we are dealing with literarily is smoking something other than cigerettes because the price they are wanting us to pay is ridicilous. PLus, they can't deliver the furniture until August 8th, 2009. YOu should of seen my Dh's face when he heard the expected delivery date. You'da think he was wearing "the mask" from the the mask movie with jim carey.

The only saving grace in one of these stores was free cookies, juice, and popcorn to entertain the kids while we looked. The last bed reminded me of color blocking in scrapbooking.. Whatcha think..

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