Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 8 Moving Countdown Friday Paper work

yesterday was really busy for me. No excerise but lot of packing, cleaning going on here at a rental place.

Needless, to say, I woke up at 2:15 am with a migrane louder than a rock concert banging in my head, and ears. I got up took decongestant and pain killer. Tonight more migrane medicine and straight to bed.

Today is go up to the new house. The house gets rekeyed with new set of keys, for us and family. Then we have to have photo id's for the country club, and to use the secured parks that are available for us to use. Not to mention a bar codes for the windshields of each vechile in our household. This means lots of money going out for all this.

Now for the kicker of the deal. My Dh told me today that after about two weeks of being in our house. My inlaws plan on bring one of our nieces out to visit. Her parents are divorced, and don't get along. I can relate but at the same time the most important thing is the child not your personal feelings to the ex-mate. They are bring a child that is fair skinned and not use to dry very hot heat. Plus, the child wasn't exactly behaved at christmas. My children had to be the bigger person at christmas which totally sucked for them. Everyone tried to blame my kids but when they finally figured out it was the niece. The damage had been to my kids that they didn't want to be around their family. We started taking them individually out for walks and treats because of the misunderstanding. I just hope this time she is better behaved.

Then two weeks later, they are bring the great-grandmother. I can't wait for the great-grandmother. She is such a sweetie. She likes to works word searches with the kids and play games with them at a table. This is up their alley. Plus, she makes the most beautiful crotched blankets for them. I just hope that she is up for the heat. I don't wait her to suffer a heat stroke while out here.

Now, to clean up before the craziness of the day starts. I am currently not appropiately dressed to go any where but the shower. Nor, do I look, smell, or feel like being nice. My head hurts, my stomach feels like throwing up everything from last night, and my kids are tried of being stuck in the house for the moving preparations.

Keep your fingers crossed. This weekend is going to be interesting. My youngest must start a clear liquid diet that requires no red dye or grape dye. Yes, you heard me right ..that elimates a lot of stuff in the clear liquid catagory. then DH said we are going to a baseball game on top it. GRrrrr....

Though after MOnday's surgery..the child gets any food of her choice! Did I forget to mention that means today also..lovely more gallbladder attacks for me.

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