Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 12 moving count down Exhaugsted already..

this is a Javelina pig. The past few mornings when I go out for a run. I run into these animals at a distance thank God or else i would be typing this from a hospital bed. Its very common to have them come out in the early mornings looking for food or drink. Generally they run in packs,so, its betters to just jump up on a vechile, fence, or other item that is high enough that they can get you. You see they are blind and hard of hearing. They generally leave when they hear noise approaching that is very loud. It doesn't matter if you leave in the suburs or the country, you will eventually have a run with them.

Don't you love living in a community that is at one with all creatures! (smirk across my face).

Okay, so, why am I so very exhaugsted. yesterday was clean up Sunday. this case mommy did all the cleaning and packing. the kids did their part to extent. Dh had to crack the verbal whip on them a few times. Instead of cleaning we had playing and ignoring mommy who was trying to get stuff done.

Not only did everything but the master area get clean. I have one closet completely packed and ready to go to the new. I just have to widdle down the remaining clothes to 7 outfits a piece. I still have to work on the master closet today. Not to mention the drawers filled with stuff that need to be packed.

My oldest said, "What the Hell" Yesterday, needless to say, the child is major trouble for repeating words that we would not even say in front of our grandparents. In the child's defense, some of the television programs we have allowed the child to watch like hannah montana, icarly, suite life of cody and zack, and clean house have started using curse words. We still have make a point to make the child stop. The littlest pet shop toys are off limits until after we move again. Don't you love when the limits are tested? (another smirk with eyes being rolled triple times in my head).
Here's the to do list today:
Call the sunflower seed company today-make complaint
call the Style network
Finish packing clothes in kids closet and master
Scan new workbook at least 2 units

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Creative Junkie said...

I think swearing is a stage - the more attention you pay to it, the more the kids will do it.

I think - my kids have yet to swear in my presence which is remarkable considering I have set an awesome example.