Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 6 Moving and Packing

Day 7 went well with the moving and packing. My oldest and I were the first up at the crack of dawn. Not only were we up at the crack of dawn, but loading my vechile with stuff before waking my Dh and my oldest's father.

I managed the freeway system of where we live to get to the new place to where we will be living. I did good. Plus, we had a detour for coming back. We managed not to get lost.

We now, have some of our stuff in the house and put up to a degree. A lot of it, we can't put out because of the bug man coming to spray and the floor cleaning company coming to clean the carpet and tile.

We made decision that doesn't sit well with our family. We decided not to try to get laminate floors installed right but wait until the children are a bit older so we won't have to replace them again. Oh, well they will have to live with it the fact we are becoming more independent and accepting responsibility in all areas of our lives.

Today is the last day of clear liquid diet, with poo-poo medicine for my youngest tomorrow Monday July 13th. The youngest has a scope done on the body to figure out what is causing the tummy problems. yeah!!! Answers finally.

I'm tired and soar.. what about your weekend?

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