Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 10 moving Shut down and restart mode

After getting up and go-going all morning, my body literarily shut and had to restart for over 12 hours. Between sleeping wrong on MOnday evening and having heaving scrapbooking storage units come slamming into my neck and shoulder (very painful)I was in serve pain yesterday afternoon. The few times my body finally drifted off to sleep for a nap it was woken by my cell phone ring tone for my DH (what I like about you-poison's version) or my kids coming in to ask a question between their exhaugsted/stress enduced sibyling rivilary fights. Out of desperation for a good night's sleep I took three ibprofen and a phenagrem (sp).Needless to say, I slept from early evening until 5:10 when I was woken by the alarm on my cell phone.

Remember my to-do list from yesterday. I will be tackling it today.

Okay remember how I was suppose receive the keys for the house today. After my Dh, had all the utilities transferred into our name yesterday. We got the news that there has been a delay in receiving the keys. Apparently, our mortgage company reviews ever part of the paperwork for the loan on the house. There is a mound of dirty that needs to be moved by a landscape company to keep what little water we get in the desert from coming toward the house. Its supposed to be fixed today and keys released tomorrow. Then my DH said that he will be only taking a half day on Friday instead of a whole day.

Then we have confirmation that your youngest will not be able to eat anything but jello,popiscles, soda, and soup broth for 48 hours straight. Can not ingest anythign with a red dye in it. Which eliminates every flavor available in popsicles and most jellos. This weekend is going to be so much fun on top of that the child has to take medicine every two hours to make lots of #2 for the proceedure on Monday morning. ARRRRGGGG this weekend is going to be so much fun...NOT>>>can you see my head turning around and steam coming out of my ears already.

If any of my loyal readers, would like to assist me to keeping my brain from fleeing the me but you have to be able to text a cell phone. I'd apprecitate.

Trying to keep myself centered and on track..I took these pictures of the sun rise from different locations this morning. Enjoy!

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