Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 11 moving count down..plans changed

last minute which doesn't help my already choas atompshere with packing and cleaning. So, the walk through was suppose to be just my DH by himself expect the bank moved up the day to sign the closing paper but we don't get our keys, and any other related items until Wednesday. GRRRrrrrrrr..

Deep breathe, you can handle this change. So, the kids will miss their summer class. Big Deal, take them swimming instead with a brown bag lunch. You know they love. Oh, crap remind DH more packing tape..I've been going through a lot. check, aunt will have kids, make sure you bring your brain and dh brain, and remember water. It will be over 100 by the time you leave the final walk through and head to the mortgage company to sign papers on the house. LEAVE MENTAL BREAK DOWN FOR AFTER MOVE check. Make sure my loyal 7 followers don't think I've lost my mind completely. Side bar to followers, I have to post this on Monday evening vs Tuesday morning. I won't have time to leave a post of you to seriously think I have hit the looney bin.

Will the kids every go to bed on time tonight? Probably not.

I think I discovered part of my computer problem. My files may be corruptted. so, I might have dh delete it and re install it. Who knows..

tuesday to do:
finish master closet/bath area
clean those areas
take kids swimming
scan some teaching stuff
digital chat..

now where did my brain go again..stop playing hide and seek with me. i really need you today. Come on sometimes you are worse than the kids in my house. I heard the giggle brain.. POP its back in place again.


Lorell said...

Remember, Sam...this, too, shall pass! Get through it the best that you'll make it.

Creative Junkie said...


Do not freak out because that will just be one more mess that you'll have to clean up.

It will all work out!

And yes, feel free to link/post my garlic spread recipe - the more garlic breath there is, the happier we'll all be!