Thursday, July 30, 2009

sharing photos and answering comments left.

This is the sunset taking place. Though it wasn't much color the view of the mountains while running errands with my DH was beautiful. I had to snap a few cell phone shots to share with. Sorry about the blur we were going about 60 miles an hour on the freeway.
I found this ad in a magazine in mu DH's throne. I had to snap a shot of it. Its very clean lines.
Kat-maybe I should have my DH get penguins to decor around my tub instead of candles of bath accessories.

Michelle-lol on the magazines on the floor of the "throne". We have been trying to find a new magazine rack. We can't find one in stores locally. Do you know who might have a magazine rack? We've tried wal-mart and target. We've tried Khols. I haven't looked in bed bath and beyond..way too pricey. Pier 1 is having a 75% off sale. Maybe we should try there. He would like a nice silver one.

Smart and Sassy-can you email your email address. The my email address is on the side.

Andy-well I have a little blessing but with bad news attached to it.

If I left anyone out for I didn't mean too! I read all my comments.

Now for the daily productions.

My mil called my DH last night. They will be in town from the 13th through the 17th (which is the girls first day school).

On a sad note, my ex-sil got remarried this weekend. Now, she is refusing to allow visitation with any of the father's side of the family. Yes, that means it looks like a legal fight will be ensued.


Katherine (Aussiekat) said...
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Katherine (Aussiekat) said...

LOL - messed up that last post ... so here goes again ... what I was trying say, is maybe your DH could find things on this site to decorate with :) (ROFL),com_frontpage/Itemid,109/

mean mom productions said...

I am going to forward the link to him for sure. He would get a kick out of it. Definitely love the penguins. I have hand towels I got on clearance after christmas for him.

Suzanne B. Webb said...

Sorry about the MIL visit, I can totally relate, mine will have been here for about 6 weeks....that's just not right!! :)

mean mom productions said...

Hugs girl! 6 weeks currently for me would like putting me in prison without access to my real family, and in solitary confinement.

vtpuggirl said...

So sorry about the MIL visit that's a tough one. And the legal troubles don't sound good either. At least the sunset was nice!