Saturday, July 18, 2009

We're moved...

After 8 hours of dealing wiht movers loading, unloading, cable company that can't communicate with either the left or right hand, and trying to get as much use out what furniture we have before buying more to fill hugh gaps in certain rooms.

So, far my inlaws have been okay with not telling me where to put stuff. They weren't please when I said hands off on the kitchen. I wanted something different. Boy, where they annoyed that I won't move my silver where closer to the stove for cooking expect they make special spoons and forks for cooking that you don't have to have the eatting silverware..

Dh and I so far were doing good about not yelling at each other until the end of the day. When we move its like having two drill sergants in the house barking orders. WE did good. I say its because I quit my job, did months of preparation work to be ready for the day. He says its just because we truly appreciate the steal of deal on our house we got.

As I type this I am sitting in my Dh's office for work at our house that has limited online capabilities.

I have one child up at 5:52 am in the morning that needs my I will try to post pictures later on.

I can't check my main email account still somebody has screwed with it...I'd like to screw with them. plus, someone got onto unsecure pages and now I have security issues with my firewall..

Moving what can I say..its a love/hate relationship.

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