Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WEdnesday..wacky mechicals

Remember last night, when I said, I need to leave the digital chat early to go get drinks for my household. I didn't even make it out of the garage. It wasn't for the lack of trying. I grab my purse, cellphone, and keys. Made sure my DH had both girls withing in eye shot for safety reason. I walked out the door of the garage, raised the door, openned the door to the vechile, closed said door, put key in ignition, and then it sounded like a rollercoaster ride gone wrong. Almost like an animal had gotten in the engine blocking the darn thing from turning over. Oh, it turns on but refuses to work properly.

So, I sasha back into the house (like a proper southern bell), promptly but nicely ask if I can drive DH's car. I get this dumb found look like to ask why. Then I tell him my vechile won't start. I can't go get anything from the store for him. I don't mind the quick errand to wal-greens but I'm not able to use my vechile.

So, from his not so put together office, he stomps outside yanking the keys from me, and I am pretty sure he is mutterings some not, so, nice words about karma and such. Then same thing happens to him. He was like...let my dad know. So, I text his parents the news. I am glad I was not there for the reaction their faces. The text back that it probably needs a tune up. I thought we had a tune up done with the thing had its transmission replaced last year. Hm.m..m...

On top of that..we have lost the withdrawl forms for the kids. We need that to enroll them in school. I have been emailing the old school and the new school trying to arrange a fax confrence, so, I don't have to drive with DH back to our old town and then to the district office to enroll the kids.

Can you say, a totally frustrating day. The only postive we have for yesterday is we found matress covers for all the kids new matresses and ours. Then his parents found the new sheets and blankets for the kids. I refuse to buy themed items. They grow out them so fast. Color and patterns only.

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angelica jackson said...

so, did you get it fixed? what was wrong?