Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3 Moving and packing..

Okay where is the reality tv show special package deals when you need one. You know like a massage from a good spa. Oh, did I say that aloud again. I am not trying to be sexual. I just want to move my shoulders without pain from muscle knots and cramps from all the cleaning I have been doing since yesterday. I even stayed up like a naught school girl packing stuff for my DH to take to the new house today. I get to unpack them tomorrow and put them away. Though, I would love to go tonight to start that process. I can't the bug man will be there spraying all sorts of nasty chemicals inside my house. I thought I hated bugs. You haven't seen my DH about bugs and bug men. If you missed all the production about bug man..scroll down..there is a post about it and other productions going on in our house currently.

I just started watching warehouse 13 on sci-fi channel. Dh watched the two hour premier the other night. He is hooked line and sinker..It wasn't bad but it was action packed. I can't wait for the bbc torchwood children of the earth mini-series to start. I should really read the books that this is based on. Don't say it, I know we are weird. We are all weird so get over it.

Good news, the girls are offically withdrawn from this school district. THank Goodness! I didn't think my youngest would get the teacher of her choice anyways. There are only two teachers I really like at this school district. A third made it to my good list because she gave me stuff for my teaching supplies without me asking for it. Other than that...I'm happy for a fresh start for my kids.

Somebody find that dang massoooou..probably misspelled that too. Oh well, time to let it roll.

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