Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 108

Today is our superbowl party at my school in my room. I have the support of my director and other teachers to keep a set of teachers from crashing my party today. They all found out they were planning on crashing my party even though I don't have enough food to spare for others. Some of the other parents haven't contributed to the fund for pizza. So, out of my own pocket I am making up the the difference that is missing. This teacher wants her own pizza in celebration of the cardinals going to the superbowl. It kinda stinks that parents won't even come up with $4-5 dolalrs so their kids can have their own party. Though I understand that times are tough but us teachers don't get paid much right now.

Sad note my coyotoes got their pants beat off of them again. Its so embrassing when they don't try. I actually feel asleep snuggled up on the couch with my DH because the game was so boring. Okay I will give them credit for playing aggressive in the first session but after that I crashed.

Tonight finish cleaning the house. It looks like it will be another busy weekend of hockey games, football games, and maybe house hunting.

We put in an offer on a house that seemed perfect for the layout and organization of a house and a descent backyard. We got beat by someone who offerred cash for the house. My question is how do you have that much cash in today's economy? Most people are living pay check to pay check. All I hear about is layoffs after layoffs.

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