Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 114 Coutdown..

Back to the slave grind for me. Its really not the slave grind but dealing with the personalities of students and other teachers can be stressful if you have been following my blog any. Now, I am in the progress of scanning stuff for my circurlm from stuff I bought. This way its already organized for next year and improve this year's circurlm. I'm so excited about being at work again.

Its nice to have a supportive director and assistant director who have the same or similar vision for your work area.

Okay enough about you.. any improvements in your life you want to scream from the mountian top. Any news to share with the world? Leave a comment..i'd love to share with you.

Also freebie for digi element down below.


Stefanie Eskander said...

Things will get better, I'm sure, Sam! You always have a good attitude, and are always looking out first and foremost for your students. Good luck!

The Empty Envelope said...

I am all about anything that makes life move a bit more smoothly!
Hang in there!