Thursday, January 15, 2009

CSI Las Vegas...Grissom leaving

Okay, the way they ended this eposided is like Sara and Grissom are going to be together. Yet, a spoiler stated in the TV guide from this summer. It stated that Grissom and the other female csi tech hook up. I forget her name but she got her fame from playing in China Beach. Listed above is a picture of whom I am speaking about.

I will miss Grissom's character, having Lawrence Fishborne for a replacement was a good choice.

I can see where they are leading to finish this last season of csi las vegas by having the director of csi become the new under sherriff.

So, if you have any spoilers it would be awesome. Leave comments here..

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Heather T. said...

What was the contest? If I saw you at the game?? I'm a little far away and myopic to see you all the way over there... *lol*

Don't have a TV, and don't even know the show(s) you're referring to, so can't help you out there.