Friday, January 2, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho this isn't a drawf.

Okay, so, I get most of my work done today. The bulletin board up, names on the papers for next week, room tidy to a an okay leave, still have Christmas decorations up but they can be excused as new year's party decor, and everyone is excited about returning to a reschedule of learning. Yet, I still can understand why I don't have a wheel barrow full of precious gems in my possession yet. Have you ever discovered yours yet?

Well, I get off early today. I am trying to have a good time with my children window shopping. Though between trying to wrangle two kids too big for buggies in one because they won't stay near a comfortable distance to me (mother's tution of safety) or in those buggies with "back seats". I get a phone call from one of my bosses. Asking me where a students belongings should be. I said "in the cubby of course. he should have x number things in there. They were in there yesterday." "Well, we can't find it. Where would they be other than there?" asked my boss. "In the bathroom on the floor," I reply,"The student was changing clothes when I dropped of new books for the classroom this afternoon." "There is nothing there. Absolutely, nothing. Not even the bin for the cubby."stated my boss. I am dumb founded. My teaching team and I have spent months getting the room organized, labelled, and put in a welcoming enivorment for our student to not just learn but play as well. I reply,"Well, let me call you right back."

I discipline one of my kids with a "tiny lecture" to ensure they understand what they did wrong. Of course they answer right off the bat what the mistake was. So, I knew they understood.

Once composed, I called my boss back. We conversated about the missing items, and where they could. We also commented on things that have occurred since a certain teacher has come to work for the center again. Not good.

I am so upset. I don't know why some people can't have enough guts, balls, courage, call it what you want to be a good example or a positive role model when teaching. Why does it take someone like myself to stand up and say..."hay, you are wrong. You don't give up on these kids. Don't give up on yourself."

So, I am in the store still window shopping. Guess who do I run into? The student and the parent who are missing items. Believe me. My Monday will not be a good one. Everyone will know how upset I a concerning this. Why the heck do you take the kids stuff and not tell anyone?

I promised the student and his parent I will make another cubby for him. I will search the room high and low for his belongings. No one and I mean no one better get in my way when it comes to me finding this kid's stuff. Clothes are expensive to begin with. Why increase the cost a parent occurs?

Sorry for my ranting, raving, hair pulling demonstration here. I just am furious about this. I have work with kids in different environments and I have never had entire cubby disappear before belongings in all. Belongings yes, cubby no. With all this typed, I texted my boss. I told her how I felt about the situation. I told her we need a serious staff meeting. I also implied that they may want to address some serious issues. I was about to blow. No response. Grant it I texted her hours ago. I am sure she is like me trying to excuse the woes of being a teacher and enjoying the evening with her family as I. I just couldn't hold all this in then walk into class being a grizzly bear to everyone including the students.

So as a parent would you be upset in this day and age if this occurred to you? I know if I were this kids parent I would not be a happy camper. The parents are being wonderful about. Though I think they are more upset then they are letting on. I am the same way. I know I try to smooth out the wrinkles of the situation before voicing my true feelings. so, not to make people think I a complete mean person in a bad way. Mean no, a witch getting closer, but another word with a similar phonic ending. I don't think of myself as one. I think of myself as a person with expectations and goals to be meet. I think that is a positive quality.

so, with that said..I am headed to bed to have a restful slumber. Hopefully, my DH won't wake or my kids.

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Tinabina said...

As the parent, I would be upset, but I would be waiting until it could be looked into before taking it any further. Hope you get everything resolved on Monday!