Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ugh...I might miss another day at work.

Which means my kids will be choatic when i return. I hope that I can either go to work and work only half my shift as a teacher or that I stay home for a nap. I was up half the night with DH. He has it full blown virus right now. Yucko!!! I don't want to catch it. I will call my boss in a little while. She what she wants me to do.

I feel like the song look what the cat dragged and probably look like something the cat dragged in but i can't say I had I had a good time getting to this point. I don't think cleaning up puke and keeping someone hydrated would qualify as a "good time". I think it qualifies as nurse maid. I don't mind doing it because it is family. Family comes first always.

Now for the starbucks...where is that gift. Can you picture it? Me stumbling around in the dark with only a tv playing handy mandy for the one child who is up before the crack of dawn. as I try to find my DH's wallet for a morning treat for me after or before I take the kids to school.

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