Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bump on the head

is not fun at all. This morning at work while putting out cots, I smack the top of head to the point of needing an ice pack, and a good cry. Yes, I have a concussion that's a no brainer. I told my director. She said as long as I feel fine then I could keep working. Right now, I want to sleep. I can't sleep because of the concussion. Needless to say, I am very cranky and moody. That goes with terriority of my head hurting.

Good news work front, after about a 30 minute pow-pow it has been decided that they are going to move people around at work. I really wanted to work with a younger age however they feel that my experience and knowledge would be put to better use in an older room. No biggie. I can do that..I just hope that the kids will do the work they need so deseperately to do. Though its not confirmed yet. I am hoping it will be confirmed.

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