Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 113 Countdown

I had a long day yesterday. Plus, we had the war over homework assignment. It lasted until 6:30 pm when their Daddy walked in the door. He took over. Ugh...I hate book reports. Unfortunately, my oldest gets her inability to focus for a long time from me. Unless its something that is just my gift, I'm good at it, and it makes my passion burn bright. Example my digital scrapbooking, and my teaching.

Okay, so, I decided to ask permission from my director to throw a "kids" superbowl party in my room. I got permission. The rest of the classes are pived to the hilt. They want to come into my room and join in. I told them. No.Why don't you ask and you shall receive from the director? Sorry for the reference to scripture. I know that some are sensitive. Its a great teaching tool, though. The assistant director find out. SHe was like...they need to come up with their own ideas and ask. You are always doing something fun and exciting with the kids. They haven't asked yet. Will the one life to live or days of our lives ever end at my school? Geez, why can't they just teach.

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