Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 114 Countdown.

Okay yesterday I got about four books scanned into my harddrive and organized to a degree. Still have about 3-6 more plus the answer keys.

I am going to ask one of my directors if they would like to get together this Sunday. This way they can help me finish organizing the worksheets that I already have scanned. Not sure which catagory they belong in.

Okay...yesterdays drama at work. One of the teachers that got kicked out of the present room walked in my room. She burped rudely. The kids and I both corrected her for having rude behavior in the classroom. Even the kids said, "Ms X(as I will refer to these two)you have to say excuse. Its rude to burp out loud." Ms X told the students, "When I come in here, I am not going to say excuse." I told said teacher, "You are not setting a good example for the students. What do you say?" Ms X again refused to use her manners like she was better than anyone else. Then she proceeded to fuss about her students in the other class. My first thought was duh. If you are not using your manners, why should your students. Then she basicallys stated that she wished she had never agreed to the switch. The bottom line is that we wanted jobs we had to do the switch regardless. It was not our call. It was our directors. You make the best of the situation. The funny thing about this teacher is...she stated that she could never get her class to take naps. Guess what since last week her class takes naps. She keeps phishing for why she was made to switch. I keep referring her back to the directors. I was hired to be a teacher. Not to be a director or assistant director. You wanna know why ask them. Already know why quit asking.

Now for my coyotoes game against DEtroit red wings. Okay it started off really bad. So, bad both my kids fell asleep watching the hockey. Typically if the coyotes are on fire they stay up to the end. Okay, my oldest one said,"This game is so stinking boring I am going to bed." THat is what she did. Boy, am I glad that I didn't follow suite. They came back to stomp the stew out the Red Wings. Holy Cow Batman! They even finally made an empty nest goal not once but I think twice. Sorry, I was more listening than watching. I was still scanning stuff in and organizing. Not to mention treating myself to doing an awesome layout. It was 6 to 3. Not only that but we scored two goals in the last three minutes of the game. We kept them from scoring. Then the Red Wings fans did something that was just too gross!!! They threw dead octopus on the ice because they lost. It was totally disgusting. Man, how uncool was that. Dead Octopus. Thank Goodness for security cameras. They will catch whoever did it. Those fans have a rude awaking its called criminal charges from whatI understood from the commentaries. That is in between critical thinking pages and putting working with graph pages into the correct folders. Now, only if the coyotes could consistently play like that. It was amazing. Our luck though this next game we will loose so badly it will take us out of the running for a division title. Not asking for a Stanley Cup win. I would like just one division championship title before they get to move from the desert. I pray they don't get to move out the desert. It has been fun watching them play on tv and live at the games.


Aly D said...

hope things get smoothed over at work. sounds like an exciting end to the hockey game. dead octopus...eewww!

mean mom productions said...

Thank Aly. It was really digusting to watch.