Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Day 112 Countdown...

Good early morning to yeah!

ITs I glad its here. This week has been a test of my skills. The drama at work never ceases to amaze me. Currently, I wish the two causing it would grow up but that takes years to do. Unforunately, they probably won't be there for that long.

Okay this weekend, All Star Hockey Game. Yahoo..I hope its televised. I would love to see it. Next hockey game for me is Tuesday.

Last night Csi las vegas was hillirous with Lawrence Fishborne offically taking Gil Grissom's place. He lost a tie, he learned how to finger print using powder, he solved two cases, and Nick got Gil's old office. I didn't hear it completely but I think he decided to share it with other investigators because of the size. Not sure. If I am wrong, then leave a comment.

Plans for the need to restock the food venue, scann for documents into my computer, coordinate a time with the assistant director to have view my files, get my oldest to finish preparing for her book report, get a clean can for book report, figure out size of label needed for book report, print out label for book report, and get laundry done. OH you think I left out "clean" the house part. Ha that is in between the rest of this stuff dear. Don't you know mom's are multi-taskers.

Did I leave anything out..oh the massive amount of digital scrapping I need to do and design some more Valentine Kit...

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