Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 116 Countdown...

Okay, now that my director of my school, I work for switched me into a different room. Its better for me. Its not so good for the teacher they moved out of there. I feel bad for her. I really do. I do what I am told when I am told to do it.I feel empathic for being switched into my new room. Yet, I am happy that she is with her friend that she wanted to teach with from the get go. So, I believe its a better place for her and she can do it with a friend. The only friends I feel I have at the school are in charge of certain areas and I don't get to see them much any more. I miss you guys. You ladies rock. Now to find my ipod and charge it. Back to the subject matter. Yet, everyone including some afternoon teachers are thrilled I am in there. Its cleaner, its more professional looking, and the kids are happier to a degree because they have done stuff besides play.

I talked to my mother about this situation. Yes, I have mother I still consult doesn't everyone has a mother to a degree they consult on stuff. She said that her partner in life told her about a book. It stated that the root of all evil wasn't money but laziness. Every time she heard me talk about my situations at work. That is the word that came to mind about some of the staff. They were lazy and not doing their job. I have to concur with her due to some conversations I have had with some of the staff. They admitted that a lot of times they were to lazy and didn't want or feel the need to do "all the time". I replied it doesn't matter. You need to be consistent with what you do regardless of the position you hold. It makes a big difference overall with everyone you deal with. Of course they are said years younger than me(no that isn't an admission of being old just an admission I am not a young chick any more. I am lovely juicy hot delicious mean mom). It probably went in one ear and out of the other. So, I probably just wasted my breath with them. They weren't ready to become the people they are desdend to be. They can be better and more creative then they give themselves credit to be.

Now, for my contest. Yes, it refers to the hockey game I went to. Even in you didn't go to the game, can't see or hear the game. You just gotta figure out what I was where. In a recent layout in my gallery I have what I was wearing to the game. Plus, I bought something while I was there and wore it too! So, if you can figure out what color and what items. Post your answer either to the blog thread next friday or email me next friday. If you are right, I will grant you a gift certificate to either two peas in a bucket store, pc layers, or a reliable webstore of your choice of $5.00. Preferably one, I know is secure like Creating Keepsakes or Memory Makers etc.

So everyone heads up, chin up, walk around with some "good" pride and joy. You are special and worth being proud of yourself.

Now, will some kindly remind me to please set up my playlist on this site. So, can hear some of the songs that help me get through the day.

One last request, I am looking for the song "blind faith". Nope local library doesn't care the original album its on. I tried looking it up on like like on barnes and nobles. I couldn't find it. Best go. They only have stock of the "lastest stuff". So, email or post a comment to let me know if you know where to purchase this one song at. Well, there is one other but you can find because it was release as a single.

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