Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 112 Countdown--

Today is the 100th day of Kindergarten for my youngest kiddo. I have missed every event this year due to teaching again. They always plan their parties for early morning time which is normally our learning circle time. Ugh...I have asked repeatedly if they can change the time for me. They haven't. Its a bummer.

so, that means I leave my class to a teacher that I don't want in there teaching. I will be going in there this morning to bring worksheet packets, make it clear that she needs to make the students do it on their own, and to only use the color we are studying. I will make it clear to my director to make sure she does it as well. It the only way, I can make sure that she does her job she was hired to do. She keeps wanting to come work with me. Frankly, unless she agrees to do the art projects and actually do work then that is the only way, I want her in the room with me. Its sad because she is really a sweet girl. I like her as a friend a lot. I just don't like the choices she is making in and out of the classroom currently.

Now, for the positive. I have scrapbooked last night.Look in my gallery you can see the three new layouts there.

I am working on chaning the layout of my blog a bit. You know changing the background. Making more me. This generate template is great for starting out. I want to express more of me. So, forgive me while I am under construction.

Will somembody remind to put up a playlist on this thing. I have a post at the beginning of starting my blog about my play list but I yet have put one on.

Enough, of me what about you. What is your monday like? did you accomplish what you wanted this weekend?

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