Saturday, January 31, 2009

Recovering Saturday

After an all day party for my five year old class with afterschool care group. I came home to snuggle with my dh on the couch. I fell sound asleep with him. I didn't even know that he had made dinner. The only thing I remember is his call to get in the bed everyone and a hand helping sleepy me to the bed. I slept from about 6 pm to 7 am this morning.

I did football pep rally am session and pm session, football player warm up stretches, the football player practice with no tackling allowed, pizza hut pizza for lunch with chips and sprite, and then my assistant director paid for the a cupcake cake in the same of a football for my class for afternoon snack. OMG!!! We had so much fun.

One of my students said this to me, "this is the best party ever for a class. I am having so much fun. Can we have more fun at the next party?" "Of course,"I replied, "I got something up my sleeve for valentine's day dear." He goes, "your the best ms samantha".

Even though I run, do yoga, and swim. I am still soar.

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