Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 115 Countdown

Well, I had planned on being at work today. Until I went to the doctor saturday. Bad news, this mean mom is a very sick mom. I have to take off to rest. Ugh...this means one of the teachers I don't want in my room will be in my room teaching. This means that they won't do the Martin Luther King I specifically got today for them to do and marked the sheet. I apologize now for the below if it offends any of the readers. I have to let go. I have to keep focused on the real people who need me. My student regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Means more attitude against me when I go back to work. Not like I have an easy job to begin with but it will be made harder at times. I feel like the teachers will tell the students to act up specifically so they can get rid of me. Not the directors but other teachers. ARgggghh....I support them, I back them up even if I feel like they are wrong. I encourage the students to obey them no matter. What do I get in return from them. Nothing but attitude. Why can't they realize that if they were doing a good job in the room that they were in they would have stayed there. They weren't. That is the thing here. They weren't doing the level of work that was needed to be done in that room with that age of kids. Not my fault. I did tcb on my end. The directors know I tcb in whatever room I am in. This is why I got the room now I have. Not complaining about it. Glad I have it. I just want these teachers to quit complaining to me about. Take this as well, lets show the directors, I haven't forgotten how to teach and improve their teaching style. Right now, its like a high school cheerleader squad where the team captain was replaced with a new team captain. This real life people not high school. Grow UP!!!

Hopefully, I will one get my freebie for Valentines up and posted this morning before my crew wakes up.I get to feeling way better than I have all weekend. I have to go back to work this regardless on Tuesday.

OH happy Martin Luther King Day everyone.

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