Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coyotes vs flames game

They won by the hair of their chinny chin chin....

Poor Carcillo kept getting picked on even with the other player was sent to the pentalty box. Its almost like the Flames "roy" wanted to take out Carcillo on purposed to give his team an advantage over the coyotoes. I am super glad that Carcillos was the better player. Keeping his cool letting "Roy" get sited for too many violations of penalities. Here's to you Carcillo.

Now for the main four players scoring....Hale (ex-flame member), Mueller, Joiken, and Jovanovski. Way to Go BOYS!! You just made my DH a happy man after he had to spend about $100 on doctor visits and medicine today. The fact that you guys did it by the hair of your chinny chin chin did have a bit stressed out.

I was just glad you guys won. Now, if you would just kick some talk on January 31st 2009 game when we go see you guys. That would be a good replacement for the game you got shut out on.

Maybe DH will let go of the camera for a bit. I can get some shots of the game in play.

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