Thursday, January 8, 2009

Life is like what???

A box of chocolate...because forest gump's mom said so. What??? NOT!!!! If life was really like a box of chocolate then everyday we would be able to taste the milk choclatey flavor in everything we do, smell the favorite smell of chocolate of choice in the air, and we would all be just as sweet to each other as chocolate is to the taste buds, and other sensory buds in our bodies. We would all have an well an "O" moment of pleasure from something that just made us go "O". We would not come home so stressed out over incidents at work or run ins with co-workers, or feel like a complete total wash out at the end of the day.

Crappy day, not with the kids but co-workers. is it another full moon week? Probably,so, along with the associated behavior that goes with a full moon. Is it a week of trials and tribulations? Yup. Am I still here eatting chocolate when I should be running in the other direction screaming, as, so, to keep off the pounds and keep up my training. yeah, I guess I should. Am I running away or to the comfort food of choice for a stressed, worn out, and feeling unappreciated female at the time. Yeah headed straight for my downfall.

Am I being to honest and giving out too much information (tmi)? I think my DH would feel that way. Do i honestly care right no?

I am I starting to feel comfortably numb in the some what pitty party after a long week filled with sickness, stress, and confusion. You could say that right now.

What could I not believe I heard when I heard? "That Bret Michael's is going to give up the Rock of Love to find his soul mate." Just happened to be channel surfing before deciding to post a ramblings of a lost thoughs in a box of chocolate moment. No callagon in this house. He doesn't seem the type to give up so easily on a goal. He seems to be a person to reach far beyond his goal and make other's dreams come true through his own. Enough about a person that I don't know personally. I can't judge him or anyone. For each of us has enough on our own plates than to be judgemental on someone else. Piece of advice for someone who is my senior by well.... won't say because this belle ain't talking. Don't settle on someone just because you feel lonely and need something, or there is a small sparkle. Your life is and has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, your soul mate must be able to love that type of roller coaster ride and then excell it to the next level. Why, I am giving you advice? heck you've lived 10 life times than mine. Just thought I voice my voice. Enjoy dear you deserve it.

What I can't believe happened tonight? My kids went to bed without anyone being in the room with them or near them. maybe it has something to do with being in my bed not theirs, exhaugstion from their week back in school and after school activities, or simply growing up before I am ready for you too. Did I just admit that? Okay scary..I must be more worn out for me to be baring my soul for the world to see, judge and to make a verdict.

What the heck then maybe this is a way for me to just cleanse myself so I can sleep half way descent tonight.

Good night yall...leave a comment if you feel compelled too!

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