Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 90 Shine splitnts, Bullying, phone confrences concerning school

I tried a new pair of running shoes we got at wal-mart this past weekend. They looked similar,to the nikes we bought six months ago. They felt similar but not a coushy. Well, they are not. I have shine splints and they hurt really bad.

Then after finding out about the other school and the problems that they are having. I decided to talk to my oldest to prepare her for next year, to help understand the times that she needs to report problems to a teacher, and when its okay to defend yourself. She dropped a bomb shell. She has been bullied by a fellow student for the past week. She has been to afraid to report to her teacher or the teacher on duty because they have a big thing about not tattle taling. My DH and I have notified the teacher. This morning my child woke up at 3:30 am. She has not been back to sleep yet. She is really to upset to go back to sleep. Luckily, DH will be taking her to school this morning. I will have him "stick" around for awhile.

Then after hearing what the principal of the next school, fellow parents who have already pulled their kids from this school, and enrolled them in other schools. I told a co-worker about the comments made. The next thing I know I have personal on the phone from another school that is working with kids current school asking why parents where making "negative" comments against their students. They thought I said it was the principal of the next school. Once the clarity was given that it was not her but parents. She then told me that the school I really want my kids in quote, "their math program is not succiffent in providing enough education to prepare them for high school". Then they referred to the old principal of that school in an unkind manner. I replied, "he's not there anymore. They have a new principal. She is very good. She is trying her best to improve the programs their to meet the students needs." That ended the phone basically.

Okay now that I am sleep deprived by a few hours. I need to find my brain. I need to put it back in place. I need to contact my director of my school. I need to let her know that I need to leave early to pick up my children early. so, my kids can get some sleep. I also need to finish scanning my lessons in for school as well.

Why can't my local starbucks be open at 5 am in the morning?

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