Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Overflowing .....

behavior and toilet.

Okay today was really stressful for me. The kids were loud, I mean louder than a hockey game if you have ever been to one. Then the kids had a food fight while I was relieved to make copies of their daily activity sheets. I promptly ended lunch and sent everyone to their cots for a complete clean up of the area.

Then I am in the middle finishing cleaning up the food fight mess on the floor. I have the one teacher that I just wish would learn some manners. She said, "This is what is going to happen. I am going to mop for you and you are going to fix my toilet." I replied, "oh, really why am I going to fix your problem?" she replied I don't know how to fix it and water is every where. I mean every where. I wouldn't ask expect I'm totally at a loss what to do." I said, "MS X I will look for you and see if I can fix it. If not, we need to get management back in the room to help. Got it." She replied, "okay." My first thought that she was being a complete lazy person for not trying to unplug the toilet and clean the mess up herself. I still do.

First of all water was every where...a flood to be exact. I stepped carefully back into the room where MS X was, I said, "Why didn't you turn the water off to the toilet? You could have stopped the flood and closed the toilet until management could have gctten into the room to help?" She replied, "I don't know what direction to to turn the knob and the knob is missing." I replied, "I noticed that? Why didn't you notify management first, why me?" She replied, "they weren't available". I walked up front immediately. I located our director and assistant director, notified them of the situation. I said this is not a leak but a flood. I need towels and mops. I need a knob to turn off the water to the toilet.

They came back in disbelief as to the extinct of the problem. Guess who got to clean it up? Not MS X and her teaching partner. Me!!!!!! That is right folks me!!! My tennis shoes were soaked with dirty water..I am nto talking about just pee pee either ladies and gents. I'm the whole yucky garabage crap!!! After about 45 mins of turning off water, mopping, toweling, saying not so nice words under my breath about the situation, demanding that the child's parents be lecturated at, and informing them that as soon as I was done I was leaving to clean my self up.

We had over a whole proffessional mop bucket full of water plus one to match, towels and mop heads being washed in the washer, and my director basically in debt to her eyebrows to me when I left.

All I have to say...is please teach your child that if the toilet doesn't flush correctly the first time..notify the teacher please. Apparently, this kid kept trying to flush, flush and flush continuously hoping not to get into trouble with anyone expect it back fired. She is in major trouble for flooding the bathroom. :(

Then I notified the remaining teacher that her and her teaching partner owed me a starbucks flavored coffee for me cleaning up the choatic mess. Not to mention dealing with the child that caused the problem. Her reply, "I don't have any money. My mom would kill me if I spent that type of money on a coffee." I said, "Text your teaching partner, let her know that you and her are going in on a starbucks. This is worse than dealing poop in the pants. I just about ruined my shoes!!!!! You think I have money to replace my shoes. You think my DH is made out of money??" No reply.

Just because my DH has a job and i work part time doesn't mean we have a bloody money tree growing in the bank. We have bills and other expenses that we have to deal with like all the rest of the world. When does it appear that I have money or a large sum of it? I don't!!!! ARGgggggg...tell me somebody tell me why younger people thnk married people have a warehouse of money secretly stashed somewhere? We don't as a matter of fact we less money vs single people. Do you know why? We actually get taxed for being married by the federal government. Yes, we have a higher tax bracket than the single people. Go freakin figure.

Okay has anyone else has a similar incident in the last few days, weeks, or months. Vent your situation here...

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