Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 99 decision

Last night's hockey game rocked out. I got the challenge layout for the weekly challenge. I need to do another one for the seasonal challenge using my sunset and sunrise photos. NOt to mention the color ice photos I took yesterday morning from my van.

Okay for something gross. I came out of work yesterday. To find vomit all over the side of my van. Not only vomit but it had dried in the sun. Now, we are trying to get it off. What next ?

The big Valentine Parties for tomorrow. My kids have two at the same time when I have my circle time. No way to get there. So, parents will be taking pictures for me.

Tonight Hockey and csi...

Did I forget to mention I spent part of last night getting early admission for kindergarten work packet together for a student that will be tested by a friend of mine that runs one of the schools here in town. I have one more packet to send home but no time to do with the student. The test is TOMORROW!!! So, I will send it home with the student for them to do together.

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