Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 96 Tuesday

Okay, this is tuesday early morning. managed to climb out of bed and excerise. I am in the middle of a yoga pose before starting the running feature in wii fit. My alarmS that plural start going off. He comes marching into the living room where may I add I am in the middle of a pose. He grumpily states "You could have turned it off for me." I reply, "I'm in a middle of a pose and I don't know how to work your blackberry."

I ignore him. Simply because at that point doing my stretch was morning important than listening to a half asleep person. Its rainy here. Its been raining since last night. Ugh..not good my kids won't take a good nap today at school.

Tonight is tuesday night chat with the girlies..can't wait. Girlie time w/o needing a baby sittter.

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