Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 91 Tuesay morning..

Okay after last night's meeting. I am totally torn. I want my child at this other school in town. Its smaller less likely hood of bullying(admitted a big problem and a lot of it is not reported), picking up bad language (principal openly admitted that the language is not appropriate and that she would love to put soap in all the kids mouths), and that they are applying a lot of the gifted programs to the regular classroom which is something I requested that my child not partake in to begin with. My child is not ready for it yet. I say give her a few more years and she will be. They openly admitted that they only have 20 minutes before lunch for play time, and they only have a few minutes in the morning to come in and get ready for school unless you drop off early for early programs. My DH won't even hear my concerns that I have or go visit the other school that I feel is safer and would provide just as much of good education without all the risks listed above.

I'm heart broken truly heart broken because when I was growing up third through sixth grade is when the bullies came out to play and had a field day all day long. No one did anything about it. Even though they had a "zero tolerance" it still happened to the point of sending me to the hospital. So, I have no trust for the people in charge when they say they have a "zero tolerance". I just want to cry because my child that is going into the third grade is just like me. Even though she may report will they really be able to stop.

DH says the only way my kids will go to the other school is if I get hired over there. I think he is being mulitplive closed mind and stubborn fool. He will be putting my child at risk for bodily harm or worse possibly becoming handicap. Its been proven the smaller the setting the better the education and safety.

I just want the most safe environment for my children. I will say this much, if he insists her going to this school. I will quit my job to be more actively involved in my child's live at the school. I will protect her from the bullies and the inappropiate language.

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