Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 94 Drop Shadows...Work Drama

Okay, i so ready to scream right now about work. Its not a fun place to work any more. The other teacher that is really making my life difficult is also doing it to another teacher that comes in to relieve her in the afternoon. this teacher was just about in tears yesterday about the situation. When I left I went up front, I made a really really big deal about what a good job this afternoon teacher is doing and how the morning teachers are leaving the class is just crappy to this teacher. Needless, to say this afternoon teacher only backed up me up with witnessing inappropiate language to kids also. I told the directors, you need to seriously have a chat with the afternoon teacher. She will enlighten you as to how bad the situation is really back in that one room.

Then when my DH got home I kept telliing him I needed his shoulder to cry on because I was about to explode. He kept blowing me off. Then when I finally gave up cried myself to sleep, he woke me up to try to get me to talk, and it only made me feel worse. Needless to say, I wasn't the nicest person to him last night. Hopefully, he realizes that there is a lot on my plate right and will listen tonight.

Now, for the kicker for me. I have a challenge on two peas site that I am trying to partake in. Its a drop shadow. Thanks to my wonderful friends blue eyed pea and heather-t they are helping me figure out how to do it in So, I am issuing a purposal to my DH since he likes to read stuff on the internet. He is going to help me find the plug in or the other name for this feature in now that I have lead of what to look for. Its just frustrating for me right now because I am already totally frizzed out over work.

At least I got a run in this morning. I'd rather do it in the afternoon when the sunshining and feeling good to run in the wind. Oh well..maybe today will be better because I announced to everyone that we are doing outside lessons because its suppose to be beautiful!!!Kids love outside lesson days. They do their lessons outside and play outside.

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Katherine (Aussiekat) said...

Hey Sam ... how about this tut?

Hopefully the last day or two has been better (and you've shaken the migraine).

-- Kat :)