Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 88 Friday..shellshock...

Okay, yesterday was totally a wash for me. I couldn't really focus on anything. I was just out there. I gave all my kiddos a day off from "work" let them play outsidea and be kids at the school. My director knows and understands. She understands that I will be emotional for a few days.

I was speaking with another counselor by phone last night. We both feel like we are in shellshock. The reality of this loss will hit us when we finally have a meeting with our director. We both will probably will just break down crying all over again. I decided after about an hour of not sleeping and just letting it out about this child that I may need help sleeping. So, I took some allergy meds to help me sleep.

Thank you to Mary at KDKB in Phoenix. She had the radio station play "Fly to the Angels" by Slaughter this morning in loving memory of my camper that passed away. I really appreciate it.

Its Friday. Its been full blown spring fever week for all kids every where here where I live. Boy, is it driving me insane! !!! I would love it to just not go up and down but to stay nice and cool or nice and warm.

Tonight, I have to sew patches on a uniform for a test that my girls will have tomorrow. I really need to attack my house.

Everyone enjoy the day you have, life is way to short.

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The Federation of Fire Chaplains said...

I'm so sorry to read about this little boy dying. What a tragedy! ((Hugs))

Wendy at Adoption & Fire