Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 104 Thursday ...what a day

Its Thursday. This means CSI tonight Yahoo!

I fell asleep watching old eposide of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I love the show. I think Dog, Beth, Leland, Dewayne, Baby Lisa, and the rest of the crew (I forgot their names at the moment); do a bang up job taking their mistakes in life turning them into good. I know everyone talks bad about them because they cuse and pray. I feel like God put them in their fugitive lives to help over come when no one else believes in those folks. So, if you stop reading this because I watch the Dog. Oh, well. If you leave a comment good or bad. I will read it and comment back. If you email me..I will reply. We are each entitled to our opinions about this. its called free will.

My Coyotes played last night. They played more aggressively than the last seven to nine games that they played. They still lost at least they fought for it this time. What I would love to have each player to tell is why they can't seem to beat the teams that have the worse record in the league. yet, the teams that everyone swears they can't beat we stomp the stew out of them and call it road kill snack/dinner/breakfast. Whatever you want to call it.

Also, I just found out that I won a digital scrapbook challenge last night. I won with my go cardinals layout. Scroll down to my gallery, you can see it there.

My co-worker gave me the folders I need to customize the worksheets for the kids in my class that are fast learners to slow learners. So, this will make it easier for me to teach on each students levels.

Oh i get to leave work early tomorrow. I have bills I have to go pay, a long run to run, and laundry to get done and put up before the weekend. Busy weekend coming up. Its filled with Baseball, baseball, baseball. My oldest will be in heaven.

If any of you are parents of children that I teach, are reading were wondering what to get me for Valentines Day. Cash..would be nice..I found a jacket/pants outfit I life with the coyotes logo on it. I am attending the game on Valentines Day. Would love to buy it with whatI have saved.

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