Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Morning Recap of Hydration..

Past week lots of stress with work. I figured out that two of my co-workers don't have a caring bone in their body. They are truly ignorant on how people see them. They are not thought of as cool but well as complete selfish women who need a swift kick in their butts. I am not the one to give it to them for several reasons. One, I am not paid to be the director of the school. Two, frankily not going to waste my precious time on their nonsense anymore. Three, life is entirely to short to worry about them. Four and last but not least, I have more important things to deal with like my family, house hunting, and teaching my own class. If you two are reading this go find someone else to bug because this teacher has exterminated you presence in my mind and in my emotions.

My Phoenix Coyotes are on a hot winning streak for the last few games. Ollie JOiken got a hat trick last night. Honey, WTG. You made a our weekend rock knowing you guys won. We didn't like not being able to view the game even though we upgraded our cable package to be able to see the games when its not typically shown on local channels. Keep it up, we're coming this Saturday to see you live. My kids will have signs for you to read. So, please wave to them at warm up.

The birthday party was a smashing success for my friend's yesterday. Their kid turned six in a delightful way. It was outside, the kids played and played on the playground equipment and bubbles perfect for kindergartener. I just hate that we had to leave early.I wish we could have stayed for cake and ice cream. For some strange reason my DH took my oldest into a perfume shop and let her sniff the different scents. Well, being a family of allergy and sinus people, perfume shops are out of the question to wear or smell. We immediately have problems. Needless to say, not only were we recovering from this weeks wonderful stomach virus; now, we have an allergy attack. What was my DH thinking? Love you dude but sometimes I really wonder where your common sense is at times.

We put an offer in on a house that we truly love, truly is similar to what we had before we moved from one state to another. A home that everyone will have their own "my space". Do not confuse "my space" with the internet page because when you are dealing with a family it has nothing to do with that. "My space" defined for a family is everyone having a small space of their own to work, play, relax, and just chill in. Not mention to use the bathroom in peace from other family members as my oldest would say. Though my breathe is not held on this offer because banks are still being very greedy on offers. They shouldn't be with the federal governement bailing them out on bad loans.

You know how I previous stated that yesterday was suppose to a "we" are cleaning day. It didn't get done. My DH declared that we needed one day to just "fart" around and relax. More like be lazy and do nothing. So, the small place we rent truly still looks like a hurricane hit it. Not to worry, DH is declaring today as a clean up from a hurricane week.

So, I hope this delights your day or at leasts gives you humor in some sort. Have a good sunday.

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