Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 107 ..Countdown with contest

Good morning. The cardinals lost the super bowl. At least they fought to the end to keep the steelers from winning.

Back to our regular schedule program at work today. Just waiting to see what happens with the new "you will teach your kids" or your gone policy. This doesn't apply to me but to the two teachers that have been giving me a hard time.

Now for the positive note..

Contest: I need to come up with a Party Mix for Valentine's Day for a cooking assignment in our class. This is always fun. These are the ingridents but I need a saying to go with them. If you help me complete them I will give you a gift certificate to two peas in a bucket. I need the first and last deseperately.

preztels-repesents our hugs(I'd rather use cereal instead of preztels so if you can find a cereal that is in o shape or x shape to use instead for hugs that would be great.)

M&M-represent our bond that changes with age
hershey kisses-for the kisses that get us through the days
raisans-to remind us what life is like with out love and kindness

1 comment:

Stefanie Eskander said...

I love your new blog look! fun new HEART!
Maybe for the pretzel you could say something like: You've got me wrapped around your heart, or I'm tied in knots for you! Have fun with your party!