Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 106 ....getting ready

Okay the countdown has begun at my school for the valentine day's party in each room. It was offically started yesterday. The sign up sheets where sent home with a letter explaining what we were doing and why. I have the pre-kindergarten class then the rest of the school agers get out early that day. Generally we try to give each age group a seperate party expect that...this time it will be harder. So, we decided to combine them like for the superbowl party. This means lots more kids to feed. Parents are responsible to bring a food or drink item.

Thank you to my friend wingnut about the cardinals. I think cardinal fans were just happy that we got to go to the super bowl even if we didn't win. It gives them and the team motivation for next year.

Thank you Stef about my customizing job on my blog. I am not through yet. I still need to make a border. That in itself is a job. I need to read the directions to figure out size of image etc..

Now, for my contest..I have entry it is my friend Stef. At the end of the week, I will announce the winner(S).

I successfully scanned one book in last night for next year's classes. Now to tackle the next that has review test skills to see if they are prepared to go into kindergarten. I got to get this one done fast because I need all hands on deck to pull this off.

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