Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 95 Field trip planning, belt tests...

Hay everyone! Last night I had started planning a field trips for my class at school. They haven't done any in over a year in that class. Couldn't believe it. ! The first is to have them make pizza at a local resturant. The first one which is walking distance for the kids, refused to host them. In total shock because the owner usually does stuff for local schools. The second one, which is still walking distance but a bit further is considering. The second one is to the local library on how to behave in a library and how to treat books. The third one is to introduce them to the kindegarten part at the school.

Then my kiddos have their first belt tests in a week. We are so excited.

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Tinabina said...

Those all sound like great ideas! My dd is in kindy now and she would just get so excited when we visited the school before she started there. It might be a good trip for May - before preschool "graduation". :)