Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 92 Worn out Monday...

Between being sick, getting the laundry done, grocery shopping, and the stress of getting taxes done yesterday. Its got me so tired..I do not want to do anything but lay in my bed, relaxing.

Tonight a meeting about one of the two schools available for one of my children to attend. I have had a sinking feeling that its going to be a repeat of this year again but just a different enivorment. No time for play or practice of the sport my kids are in. I am not pleased with this years work load for one and the other one is really great school load. They have another school into that is free to attend and the teachers/work load for students is balanced. My DH has reservations simply because it uses the montessori in its title. I know the principal personally. I have meet a few of the teachers. I really feel like both my kids would do so much better at this school vs the other school they are in. Plus school starts 20 mins earlier and ends 20 mins earlier too! This gives more a balance. So, if you pray in any way...I would appreciate you assistance.

Other than that..I have to get ready to be m.e.a.n. m.o.m. as a teacher.

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Aly D said...

hope you can get everything worked out for the best!