Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Date

we walked into one resturant and walked out. It reminded us of a place that had better food. So, we went out and stuffed ourselves silly. Discussed adult things that we didn't want to have the kids hear.

He actually liked my makeup tonight. He said it was just right. The first time he had noticed I actually got a little done up for our date. It felt good...

Advice for others..fight for your alone time with your spouse. Not the sex thing but the conversation and one on one time each couple needs to survive in this world. Its worth the tears and frustration in the end.

Thank to everyone that read and left comments here or at the two peas site. i really do appreciate it.


Crafty Niche said...

My hubby and I really need to get out and have a nice quiet meal without a screaming baby and preschooler! And I want to get all dressed up too! :)

mean mom productions said...

okay, find someone you trust to watch the baby and toddler to make it happen. The person can be either afriend or a family member. I have a friend back home. she and I use to trade days for mommy time to get errands done. it was so much fun.