Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Favorite Witch by Annette Blair

Kira is karsma
w/o end or glee
Jason is locked up tighter
than a bank vault withtout a key
to open it.

When the two meet
its like treasure hunters
finding lost Pirate booty.

Each scared
to no end
to let their hearts
be revealed for
love to begin.

For life's destiny
to become reality
in the end.

I love the fact that this had hockey in it.


RunFloresRun said...

Love this!

LLL Reviews said...

Interesting!=) I dont think I've read Annette Blair yet but I know the name!=)

mean mom productions said...

she'll have you in stitches seriously my kids and dh want to read her series. Um kids too young to read the serious and secondly..DH would barf if he realized it was a romance novel.

though give me brownie points for wanting too!