Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The real Guardins of Ga'Hoole

Presented by our local library and the Wild at Heart Foundation.

Wild at Heart Foundation is a local rescue group that helps rescue rehibilate and release owls in the enviroment. They typically don't come out to do education presenations because they don't want the owls to get use to human contact, so, they can be released back into the wild. These owls here are either too injuried to be released or some humans tried to raise an owl as pet. The pet could not be reintroduced into the owl community, so, the group carries for the owl. The taught the kids about the reality of the real owls to the book owls. The only thing that was misrespresented in the books was the nest care taker of a snake. The owls would in real life eat the snake.

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