Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday's Soulful let go

Though, it’s not officially Friday in my time zone. In other places in the world it is.
After one week of having a child sick with stomach revolts, a doctor who for the most part still having a holier than now attitude to the care of this patient, and school policy that states the said child cannot return to school until the stomach revolt has turned in a democracy with the rest of the body.
In tears of desperation, I called another pediatric doctor in our area. In between semi-controlled tears, I explained the situation to the receptitionist. The receptionist was clearly empathic toward the situation. She literarily squeezed us into a slot that was probably meant for someone else. She encouraged me, to bring fresh samples as well as the samples rejected by the other doctor’s office. She could not believe the nightmare of care we have experienced over the course of the next week. Of, course this means, that our co-pay will be higher because the doctor is not the primary care physician. At this point, I don’t care. I want my child well.

My sick child and well child looked up to their astonishment to see me cry. “Why are you crying, mommy?” they asked. I replied, “Have you gotten so frustrated in a situation that you just want to cry and sometimes do cry to feel better?” “Yes, we do, mommy. We do it a lot because we don’t know how to express how we feel.” They replied.
“That’s where mommy is at in getting good medical treatment for you, and keeping you well.”I replied.
Then out of the blue, DH’s grandmother calls (almost like an angel sent her to be another shoulder lean on). She gets the 411 on the situation. She too agreed that the present doctor doesn’t need a license to care for her great-grandbabies.

As for my institution to something is not right, with my kid health wise, I will quote the book called betrayed. It’s the second book in the House of Night Series by the Cast author team. Page 62 “The truth is that though many of us do have a gift of precognition or clairvoyance, the vast majority of our people have simply learned to listen to their intuition-which is something most humans have been frightened out of doing.” “Think about it Zoey. You’re a good student-I’m sure you remember from your history classes what has historically happened to humans, especially female humans, when they pay too much attention to their intuition and begin ‘hearing voices in their head’ or even foreseeing the future.”
“They usually thought of as in league with the devil, or whatnot, depending on what time in history. Bottom line was they caught hell for it.”
“So you see that humans have learned to silence their instincts. Vampyres, on the other hand, have learned to listen and listen to them well.”
Though this is a fictional book there is much truth to some of the passage concerning what has been created in us to help guide us, protect us, and to be a good person overall. Why on earth do other people who see it in others treat them or their kids so badly?

From now on, I vow to be more vocal than to be dismissed like a unworthy member of the kings court.


Anonymous said...

Wow Sam big {{{hugs}}} that's a lot to deal with.

Powerful words: "From now on, I vow to be more vocal than to be dismissed like a unworthy member of the kings court." Keep the faith hon.

With much love and blessings

SmartandSassy said...

Oh, you are walking in my shoes this week. My daughter is being mistreated at school (by other students at the dorm and the dorm staff), my son got a bad advisor at the college he JUST transferred to and she screwed him over of being eligible for his program FOREVER so next term he will transfer again (I had a feeling this was going on but couldn't prove it so son said back off) and I had to raise Cain a lot this week. All I am getting is the "pushy mother" comments and glares but I will not give up. My daughter calls it my "spidey sense", from Spiderman. She tells me it is never wrong. I agree. There are two kinds of people I think, the ones with spidey sense, and the ones who are pissed cause they don't have it and it outs them for what they aren't doing.
Follow your gut, you are acting out of love, not personal gain, and that can never be wrong.

Lisa Dorsey said...

So sorry to hear about your crummy experience with the dr. Hugs!

Jen Martakis said...

Oh Samantha, I'm so very sorry it's been such a rough time for you lately. I wish I could give you a real hug. You are a good mom and wonderful advocate for your children. (((hugs)))